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Enjoy your weekly Rates & News updates!  Mortgage Rates: 1yr 2.89% 2yr 2.99% 3yr 2.69% 4yr 2.89% 5yr 3.19% 6yr 4.29% 7yr 4.49% 3yr variable closed (Prime – .65%) = 2.35% 5yr variable closed (Prime – .60%) = 2.40% Canada mortgage rates keep sliding How Much Lower Can The Yields Go Interesting insights from CREA: […]

When it comes to interest rates on mortgages in Canada, the variable rate is dependant on the Bank of Canada lending rate. If this rate goes up, then variable mortgages rates will increase. Fixed rate mortgage rates are more dependant on the bond market. Fixed mortgage rates will typically not immediately increase based on movements […]

In the news recently is the “robo-signing” problem that is happening in the USA. Apparently 30% of the US housing market is foreclosed properties. Approximately 2.5 million homes have been foreclosed on in the US since 2005, and there are another 6 million homes that are in foreclosure proceedings or about to be foreclosed on. […]


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