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For sale by owner is alive and well in Ontario. More and more people are selling their home by themselves (many are also being listed on MLS). Let’s look at the history of For Sale By Owner and some of the top cities for private sales. For sale by owner has always existed in Ontario. […]

This MLS real estate video shows how buyers can find a home on®/® and then proceed to contact the seller directly. The buyers contact the sellers directly by finding more information about the property for sale on the Realtor® website. The the buyer or (real estate agent representing the buyer) can contact the seller […]

The world is currently experiencing an overall economic slowdown and tight credit markets where lenders simply aren’t lending. The impact thus far has been mostly felt in the United States, Europe and Asia but even with the world’s top ranked banking system will Canada be able to avoid an economic slowdown or recession? And if […]

We all know that selling your home using the For Sale By Owner method can be a very rewarding experience. Some people gravitate to the promotion methods very quickly and are able to apply the techniques to make their homes sell faster than others. Does this mean that some people are better suited to sell […]

The flourishing ‘For Sale by Owner’ real estate market is set to outpace traditional agent-assisted sales, as purchase prices rocket past the national average. The do-it-yourself approach to home sales is becoming increasingly popular in Canada. FSBO, as it is known, eliminates real estate agents from the sale of homes, allowing homeowners to pocket what […]


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