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1. Get Cash Back From Your Agent When Buying Real estate agents who represent buyers have it easy. The agent representing the buyer receives the commission listed in the MLS listings (typically 2.5%). Or, if they have a buyer agency agreement, they receive the commission listed in the agreement (typically 2.5%). All the agent has […]

The news the last couple of days has been rife with the news of July’s plunge in housing prices and housing sales and gloomy predictions of the HSTs negative impact. Statistics released by the Canadian Real Estate Association and the Bank of Canada seem to support the dire warnings, but is the news as bad […]

Public opinion polls continue proving what Canadian consumers already knew: They love to loathe the HST. Depending on the day of the week and the planets’ alignment, between two-thirds and three-quarters of Canadians continue their strong objections to the “new” tax, which combines the old goods and services tax with other provincial and municipal taxes. […]


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