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Has anyone heard of the consumer confidence surveys that are announced on new radio stations and written about in the business section of the newspaper? I used to think “who cares”. Is it a big deal if some consumer confidence survey says that people are more or less confident than they were 3 months ago? […]

This week Mark Carney gave a speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade. Whenever Mark Carney talks, people listen. Of course listening is just the first step. After listening to what he says, you need to dissect the words carefully and try to extrapolate, or infer his meaning. Mark Carney will never say “housing bubble”. […]

The new mortgage rules just announced, state that the new maximum amortization will be 30 years, instead of 35 years. What does this mean for affordability and home prices in Canada Example: Let’s take an example of a family that makes $100,000 a year and has a $30,000 down payment. When they purchase a […]


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