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For sale by owner is the process of selling a home without using a real estate agent. In the private sales process, Sellers work to find a buyer for their home by marketing their own property. Home owners selling their own home because they want to take more control of the process and save thousands […]

One of the most common Real Estate questions we receive at is “How can I sell my home myself and advertise on”. This is a popular real estate question because home sellers want to be able to advertise their property on, but also save money. Many people these days want to do […]

For sale by owner is alive and well in Ontario. More and more people are selling their home by themselves (many are also being listed on MLS). Let’s look at the history of For Sale By Owner and some of the top cities for private sales. For sale by owner has always existed in Ontario. […]

It has been a little more than 3 months since launched our new website, including Real Estate Agent listings and a MLS Flat Fee Package. We are glad to report that June listings will hit a new record! In addition to the real estate agent listings and For Sale By Owner listings, approximately 100 […]

Garry Marr (one of our favourite real estate reporters!) recently reported that the Canadian Real Estate Association has raised their forecast for Canadian Home Sales. Gary juxtaposes this “raised housing forecast” against the data from the US, which shows that American home values fell by 3%, and that “American home values have fallen 29.5% from […]

The entire real estate industry has been in turmoil for several months now due to the sub prime mortgage meltdown and the credit crunch that followed it. While the National Association of Realtors® said September home sales are up by 5% over the same period last year they also said that the average sales price […]

Selling your own home using the for sale by owner method is a great money saving idea. Unfortunately, as with any medium that allows for email communication there are scammers who will attempt to pray upon your eagerness to sell. When putting your house up for sale on the internet you need to be aware […]

Gabi Fish our likeable Vice President has been busy lately making the rounds in the media helping to spread the word about the private sale industry. Recently, Gabi was interviewed for an article in the Ottawa Business Journal titled: “Remodelling the Real Estate Agency“.

With a little time and effort, marketing your private home sale using classified advertising can be very successful. The use of an online property profile at a high traffic real estate listing website combined with either a newspaper or online classified ad can improve exposure to your sale tremendously. In any real estate marketing plan […]

We all know that selling your home using the For Sale By Owner method can be a very rewarding experience. Some people gravitate to the promotion methods very quickly and are able to apply the techniques to make their homes sell faster than others. Does this mean that some people are better suited to sell […]

If you are on the market to purchase real estate and want to save as much money as you possibly can considering buying a private sale property can have many advantages that translate into dollars. With more people buying and selling privately each year, new more powerful resources are being made available to patrons in […]

The BBC recently produced a feature (read or watch the coverage) on the budding For Sale By Owner phenomenon in the UK, where traditional estate agent-brokered sales are slowly giving ground to the independent seller. While FSBO’s popularity is not nearly as widespread as in North America, it still manages to account for about 6% […]

As the summer season comes to a close, the property market has raked in strong figures across Canada, continuing to defy dire predictions by experts of a bubble about to burst. Indeed, June, July and August have seen some record-breaking numbers coast to coast, and average house prices are expected to rise a full 9.5% […]

PropertySold is proud to welcome Bryan Dufresne as its new Atlantic sales representative. Mr Dufresne’s appointment marks an exciting expansion into Eastern Canada, further extending the reach of the PropertySold ‘For Sale by Owner’ technique which has proven so successful in the central provinces. Mr Dufresne offers an extensive background in sales, project management and […]

PropertySold is proud celebrate a significant milestone this June as homeowner savings hit five million dollars, thanks to our ‘no agents’ approach to home-selling. This major savings milestone is hot on the heels of last month’s coup of reaching $80 million in home sales. While the majority of the sales have been in Ontario, led […]

University researchers in Madison, Wisconsin, have released the results of an interesting new study that shows homeowners who sell on their command much the same prices as those who sell through an agent. The findings fly in the face of what real estate agents have often touted as their greatest warning: that DIY home sellers […]

The flourishing ‘For Sale by Owner’ real estate market is set to outpace traditional agent-assisted sales, as purchase prices rocket past the national average. The do-it-yourself approach to home sales is becoming increasingly popular in Canada. FSBO, as it is known, eliminates real estate agents from the sale of homes, allowing homeowners to pocket what […]

As the “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) model continues to grow in the real estate market, , one of the leading online businesses assisting Canadian homeowners to sell their homes directly, proudly announces it now receives monthly traffic of 100,000 visitors. This do-it-yourself approach to home sales is becoming increasingly popular in Canada. FSBO, […]


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