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For sale by owner is the process of selling a home without using a real estate agent. In the private sales process, Sellers work to find a buyer for their home by marketing their own property. Home owners selling their own home because they want to take more control of the process and save thousands […]

Brampton and Mississauga are located in Peel Region. Combined, they would be the 3rd largest city in Canada, behind Toronto and Vancouver. Both Mississauga and Brampton are unique in Canada and perhaps unique in North America. Mississauga, once a commuter city adjacent to Toronto, is now a large city unto itself. Mississauga now has a […]

One of the most common Real Estate questions we receive at is “How can I sell my home myself and advertise on”. This is a popular real estate question because home sellers want to be able to advertise their property on, but also save money. Many people these days want to do […]

For sale by owner is alive and well in Ontario. More and more people are selling their home by themselves (many are also being listed on MLS). Let’s look at the history of For Sale By Owner and some of the top cities for private sales. For sale by owner has always existed in Ontario. […]

There is a lot of discussion these days about home affordability, record high prices, asian buyers, sellers market, and multiple offers. Real estate, especially in Toronto, has always made headlines in the newspapers and on TV. But now as the average price for a detached home in Vancouver has eclipsed $1,000,000, and in Toronto $700,000, […]

It has been a little more than 3 months since launched our new website, including Real Estate Agent listings and a MLS Flat Fee Package. We are glad to report that June listings will hit a new record! In addition to the real estate agent listings and For Sale By Owner listings, approximately 100 […] is Canada’s top independent real estate advertising website for selling a home. With more than 10,000 daily visitors and top results on all search engines, is “the” place to advertise a home for sale. Our new and improved website platform launched approximately 2 months ago. Our new real estate advertising website has many […]

Why Home Sellers Want To Save Money: Real Estate home sellers have usually invested a lot of time and money into their home. After most people purchase a home, they want to complete renovations in order to upgrade their home. This is especially true in urban centres like Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough, where […]

Garry Marr (one of our favourite real estate reporters!) recently reported that the Canadian Real Estate Association has raised their forecast for Canadian Home Sales. Gary juxtaposes this “raised housing forecast” against the data from the US, which shows that American home values fell by 3%, and that “American home values have fallen 29.5% from […]

When the competition bureau helped change the MLS rules back in 2010, they helped create a new opportunity for home sellers to sell privately and be advertised on MLS. created a MLS partnership with Real Estate Brokerages across Canada that allowed For Sale By Owner home sellers to advertise their property on Local Board […] has seen a spike in our new real estate listings and website traffic from Alberta. This week alone we have received multiple new listings from Calgary as well as listings from Airdie, Grand Prairie, St. Alberta and Red Deer. Our website traffic has increased and our new listings have been shown in our Alberta […]

This MLS real estate video shows how buyers can find a home on®/® and then proceed to contact the seller directly. The buyers contact the sellers directly by finding more information about the property for sale on the Realtor® website. The the buyer or (real estate agent representing the buyer) can contact the seller […]

As continues to grow and evolve as a popular Canadian Real Estate Listing Website we are now posting real estate videos on our YouTube channel. Canadian Real Estate Videos on YouTube So far we have uploaded 13 videos on a number or real estate related topics including: Advertising a Home on a Canadian Real […] just showed up #1 for “Real Estate” on Google. We also show up #1 for “For Sale By Owner”. Although these results can vary from location to location, we are always happy to be “Number 1″. When a buyer is looking for their next home, the internet is the place where they start looking. […] recently passed 1,000 followers on Twitter! We currently have 1,033 people following our company on Twitter. Twitter is a great way to distribute news about our homes for sale and other company updates. Twitter has become an incredibly popular “micro blogging” website. It allows users to post 140 character updates. Who would have thought […]

There was an interesting interview on CBC’s “The Current” on November 3rd, 2010. Here is the link to listen to the interview. The radio program starts with a For Sale By Owner customer talking about how they were on Welist (A Calgary based FSBO company), and then she went with a Flat Fee MLS […]

In addition to our recent blog “Homes For Sale By Owner 5 Tips For Selling“, here are some more things to consider if you are thinking about selling your home “For Sale By Owner” in Canada. 1) Advertising your home: There are different ways to advertise your home: Internet and signs are the most important. […]

Now that the MLS rules have changed and agents are “allowed” to do “mere postings” on mls, I think the question to raise is “What is For Sale By Owner?”. Take a Seller who lists with an agent on MLS only as a “mere posting”. Are they a For Sale By Owner? To be on […]

Mere Posting on The competition tribunal’s website now shows the details of the agreement between CREA and The Competition Bureau. Here are the details. Agents are now allowed to do a “Mere Posting”. According to the document here is the definition of a “Mere Posting”: “Mere Posting” means a listing on a Member […] has seen a great increase in online listings as well as website visitors in 2010. Our September stats are in and new listings have jumped from 41 new listings in 2009 to 183 new listings in 2010. More and more people are choosing as a way to advertise their home for sale. […]

Please click here to view the segment. One in four Canadians are now selling their homes privately and the trend is growing, according to a recent CTV consumer report, which featured as a leading FSBO website. The CTV segment called Consumer Report followed homeowner Khalid Ahmed, who saved an estimated $10,000 using the PropertySold […]

Gabi Fish, Vice President of Inc. was recently interviewed for an article in the Prince Albert Herald entitled “Housing market still strong in P.A., says Realtor”. Please find the entire article on the Prince Albert Herald website.

With a little time and effort, marketing your private home sale using classified advertising can be very successful. The use of an online property profile at a high traffic real estate listing website combined with either a newspaper or online classified ad can improve exposure to your sale tremendously. In any real estate marketing plan […]

If you are on the market to purchase real estate and want to save as much money as you possibly can considering buying a private sale property can have many advantages that translate into dollars. With more people buying and selling privately each year, new more powerful resources are being made available to patrons in […]

PropertySold is proud to announce the millionth visitor to the site this month, marking a new record in traffic, and ensuring growing exposure for our ‘For Sale by Owner’ client listings. With just a little less than half the year to go, traffic to the website has exceeded all expectations, promising even stronger year-end numbers. […]

PropertySold is proud celebrate a significant milestone this June as homeowner savings hit five million dollars, thanks to our ‘no agents’ approach to home-selling. This major savings milestone is hot on the heels of last month’s coup of reaching $80 million in home sales. While the majority of the sales have been in Ontario, led […]

The flourishing ‘For Sale by Owner’ real estate market is set to outpace traditional agent-assisted sales, as purchase prices rocket past the national average. The do-it-yourself approach to home sales is becoming increasingly popular in Canada. FSBO, as it is known, eliminates real estate agents from the sale of homes, allowing homeowners to pocket what […]

As the “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) model continues to grow in the real estate market, , one of the leading online businesses assisting Canadian homeowners to sell their homes directly, proudly announces it now receives monthly traffic of 100,000 visitors. This do-it-yourself approach to home sales is becoming increasingly popular in Canada. FSBO, […]


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