Directory Submission Guidelines

To have your company listed in our real estate directory it should meet or exceed the following criteria:

  1. Please ensure that you submit your website to the most accurate category that best describes your business. If your business services Toronto please do not submit your website as a national listing. Listings submitted to the wrong category may be rejected so please take the time to submit to the most accurate category / sub category in the directory.
  2. Do not submit sites with pop-ups. We will not accept any sites with pop-up code or other obtrusive technologies that interfere with the main viewing area of your homepage.
  3. Do not submit doorway pages, Adsense SPAM or search engine SPAM. We aim to provide our users with a quality directory of resources. If your site is devoid of content or is just a page of affiliate links and keyword SPAM it will NOT be included here.
  4. Do not submit sites associated with hate, crime, anti-semitism, drugs, pharmaceuticals, gambling, casino’s, weapons or with adult content.
  5. Do not submit interior pages of your website. Only top level domains with the form:
    • https://www.domain.___ or https://domain.___ will be accepted in the directory.
    • Deep linking is only allowed by category sponsors.
  6. The site must have a regular URL. Please do not submit your web server IP address.
    • ie. would NOT be an acceptable submission.
  7. The site must have it’s own purchased domain name. No free hosting accounts or free subdomain accounts will be listed in this directory. Exceptions will be made in the case of BLOG submissions ONLY. Blogs on free hosting servers such as will be accepted. If you need to purchase a domain for your website visit (not affiliated).
  8. Do not submit sites that re-direct to other domains or attempt to mask their true identity in any way.
  9. Site descriptions must be in English (unless submitting to a regional directory where the native langauge spoken is something other than english).
  10. Site must have a polished and complete design. If you have "plans" to add features to your website please ensure that you do not place links to these features on your website until they are active. Sites that are under construction or with links to pages that say "coming soon" etc. will not be included here. This is going to be true for all directories that you attempt to submit your website to so please ensure you have a site worth linking to!
  11. The PropertySold Real Estate Directory offers no time gaurantee on Regular listing submissions. Reciprocal link submissions are generally reviewed within 2 weeks. Sponsored Listing candidates are reviewed within 48 hours (M-F) .

Back Linking Policy

  1. Back links to our website must exist on pages that are indexed by Google (or on a new page in your links directory or site structure that can be indexed. The editorial staff will view the listing and make a judgement based on the indexing status of similiar URL’s in the directory or website and the linking structure of the directory or website). PropertySold Directory Indexed in Google – see how many pages are indexed from our directory
  2. Back links should be DIRECT LINKS to this website. NO JUMP LINKS or REDIRECTS .
  3. Our link should be on a page with fewer than 50 outgoing links. No FFA pages or poorly designed links pages with hundreds of uncategorized links shoved on the page. We spend time developing this site and making the listings attractive so please offer us a fair exchange.
  4. Back links to our site should not be blocked using:
    • robots.txt directives
    • rel="nofollow" link attributes.
    • We run a reciprocal link checking script and search engine spider simulator on our back link partners weekly. Sites are given three days grace in the event of a hardware or software failure to re-instate our link and then your link will be dropped from our directory. If your link is dropped please feel free to add your URL again and choose the appropriate listing category and link code.
  5. Sites that are part of link farms or are involved in any discernable black hat SEO techniques will NOT have their listing approved.

Notes on Sponsored Listings and Refunds

  • A payment of $19.95 does not gaurantee inclusion in this directory. This directory is professionally maintained by a human editorial staff and adheres to a strict editorial policy outlined in the submission guidelines above . Our goal is to provide accurate, well categorized results for our directory users. If you are unsure whether you think your site will qualify to be listed please send an email to the directory admin and we will give your site a quick evaluation free of charge.
  • Our Sponsored listings are a great way to get more exposure for your listing; it is not a way to get a SPAMMY site included in a quality directory. Sites that do not meet the terms outlined above or that are judged by our editorial staff to be of low quality will not be included in the directory.
  • Sponsored Site candidates that are not accepted into the directory will NOT receive a refund. The fee charged is considered an express review fee and is non-refundable. Please email us for the quick evaluation before making a payment to be safe.


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