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On Saturday October 15th, there will be a demonstration in down town Toronto. The gathering will be in the name of the recent “Occupy” movement that has staged protest rallies in cities throughout the United States. Today several Toronto Unions have thrown their support behind the movement. There will be buses of union workers coming […]

There was an article in the Globe and Mail today discussing a recent report by TD Bank. The report indicates that more Canadians are carrying debt into retirement. The report also states that the amount of debt for Canadians aged 45-65 is increasing. Quotes from TD Bank representatives state that this comes as a “surprise” […]

So the stock market has dropped by 10% this year. The interest rate on a GIC is 1-2%. But housing prices increased by 10% in September. The Toronto real estate board just reported that the amount of sold homes increased by 25% in September and the average price increased by 10%. Wow! This is great […]

This week has been a busy week for Canadian Banks. It started with Royal Bank’s announcement that they are raising their variable rate mortgage rate by 20 basis points (1/5th of 1%). The week continued with the Bank of Montreal reporting that profit increased by 8%, followed by National Bank reporting that they increased their […]

For sale by owner is alive and well in Ontario. More and more people are selling their home by themselves (many are also being listed on MLS). Let’s look at the history of For Sale By Owner and some of the top cities for private sales. For sale by owner has always existed in Ontario. […]

The Toronto Real Estate Board just released their 2010 Real Estate Statistics. In 2010 there were 86,170 homes sold, which is down by 1% compared to 87,308 sold in 2009. The average price for a home in the Greater Toronto Area in 2010 was $431,463. This was up by 9% compared to 2009 when the […]

Remax released their forecast of the real estate market for 2011. Remax thinks that: – Sales will decrease slightly in 2011 – Prices will rise 3% in 2011 It should not be a big surprise that Remax would issue a positive forecast for the housing market. They are a real estate company. Their agents earn […]

The Toronto Real Estate Board released their October 2010 real estate statistics. Sales decreased 21% compared to October 2009. The average price for a home in Toronto in October 2010 was $443,729. The average price in Toronto increased by 5% compared to $423,559 in 2009. It looks like the real estate market is very hot […]

Today, a Royal Lepage report was mentioned in the Canadian Newspapers. Here are some links (Note the title of the news stories) : House prices on healthy rise: Royal LePage (Vancouver Sun) Average house prices show return to normalcy: LePage (CTV) HALIFAX HOUSE PRICES SEE HEALTHY YEAR-OVER-YEAR INCREASES (Newswire) More recently CREA released their September […]

On July 6, 2010, AsiaNews reported that Kenneth Rogoff, distinguished Harvard economics professor and former chief economist for the International Monetary Fund, has a very grim outlook for real estate markets in China’s major cities. Rogoff claims rampant speculation poses a grave threat to China’s banking system. Speaking on the sidelines of the Asian Investor’s […]


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