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When a buyer is looking for a home, it is really easy to be seduced by granite countertops and new hardwood floors. Most homes are staged to look like they are perfect for a buyer. They aim to get that “wow” reaction because sellers know that first impressions count. However, as a buyer, you need […]

Everyone wants to know “how much is my home worth?”. Everyone also thinks that they know “how much their home is worth”. But when it comes to selling a home, it is better to look from the buyer’s point of view and ask the question “how much would I pay to buy that home?”. Home […]

1st time home buyers are a very important factor in the housing market. As new buyers enter the market, it allows for other home owners to sell their property and “move up” into a larger home or “move down” into a smaller home. 1st time home buyers drive housing prices higher, allowing existing home sellers […]

Porting a mortgage basically means to take a mortgage from one property to apply it to another property. Porting a mortgage is very common in Canada. In the real estate porting a mortgage video below, we discuss the different aspects of “Porting a Mortgage in Canada“. Some of the things that you should be […]

In addition to our recent blog “Homes For Sale By Owner 5 Tips For Selling“, here are some more things to consider if you are thinking about selling your home “For Sale By Owner” in Canada. 1) Advertising your home: There are different ways to advertise your home: Internet and signs are the most important. […]

Most people are aware of the standard procedure when selling a home. All Real Estate Professionals will tell you to: – Make sure your home is clean – Make sure your home is uncluttered – Remove personal photos and belongings – Make your decor “neutral” to appeal to as many buyers as possible – Have […]

Making the decision on whether to utilize a fixed rate mortgage or a variable rate mortgage is not always as simple as it should be due to the various factors that go into making a mortgage decision. Determining which type of mortgage is right for you has a lot to do with how you handle […]

A second mortgage is a loan that is given by a lender that is secured against the home itself and is superceded by the first mortgage. Any mortgage that is given out against the owner’s equity in the home in addition to the existing mortgage is automatically considered a second mortgage. If an owner is […]

In the wake of the global financial crisis, Canada’s government has slashed interest rates to historical lows in an effort to stimulate the local economy and keep Canadians borrowing. This has created nearly ideal conditions for homeowners and new homebuyers to secure excellent rates on their mortgages. Currently, the Bank of Canada has set its […]


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