Advertising Your Home For Sale: Internet vs Newspapers and Magazines.

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14 Jun 2011

Selling a home is a big decision. It’s a dramatic change in anyone’s life. Once you have decided to sell, the big question is usually “how much money will I take home”. However, before we get to that questions, let’s examine where you can advertise your home for sale in Canada.


The internet is the first place where home buyers look when they want to buy a home. Therefore, the internet is an extremely important factor in your home advertising. There are three important web sites to advertise your home for sale:,, and Kijiji.

Home Internet Advertising Costs:

The costs for each website varies. can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, up to 5-6% of your home’s value ($15K- $50K), depending on the services you want from your real estate agent. The costs to advertise on starts at $50. Extra exposure and services can be purchased. A basic listing on Kijiji is free, but to have more exposure requires you to pay more.

95% of all homes in Canada are sold online. Online real estate advertising can be very inexpensive, very effective, and it makes the entire home selling process easier and more efficient for buyers and sellers.

Newspaper and Magazine Advertising:

Really? Would anyone really consider paying money to advertise in a newspaper or a magazine? In most major markets in Canada it is completely pointless to pay to advertise your property in a newspaper or in a magazine. After all, we are no longer living in 1995.

If you asked 1,000 people how they found their home would anyone say that they saw a newspaper or magazine ad?

The only reason that you see homes advertised in newspapers and magazines is because real estate agents want to advertise themselves or their company.

Advertising a home for sale in a newspaper or magazine is the equivalent of writing letters instead of emailing. It’s the same as putting a quarter in a pay phone instead of using your cell phone. It’s like putting a VHS tape in your VCR to record your favourite TV show. Do you still put film in your 35mm camera? (We could go on like this, but I guess four examples in sufficient…perhaps just one more..)…so if you are still saving your Word Perfect files on a floppy disk, then perhaps you might consider paying to advertise your home in newspapers and magazines, but if you have heard about, or ever used, the internet, then you obviously realize how pointless print advertising has become for selling a home.

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