Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube: Social Networking For Real Estate Agents in Canada

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3 Jun 2011

The Internet And Real Estate:

As the internet started to enter the mainstream in the mid-nineties, MLS.ca/Realtor.ca began advertising homes for sale by real estate agents online. This was the first dramatic internet change in how homes are advertised in Canada. All real estate agents who have been in the business for more than 20 years understand the profound change that this “internet” had on the real estate business. Before the internet, buyers had to visit the real estate agent in their office and thumb through large binders with “info sheets” on the homes for sale. The average days on the market was much longer than it is today because the real estate advertising process was slow and off-line. Before homes were advertised online, buyers had no choice except to use a real estate agent. Besides driving around neighbourhood, or looking in newspapers, buyers had no way to know which homes for sale.

As homes began appearing on MLS.ca, more and more buyers began to first look for homes online. The time of binders, newspapers, and magazines has past. As homes are now sold in an average of less than 30 days, paper advertising is no longer effective. Now almost all buyers start their home search online. The internet allowed buyers endless possibilities. They can search by neighbourhood, price, style of home, and see photos and obtain information without using a real estate agent.

The internet has significantly changed the way real estate is advertised and the way buyers search for homes for sale. It has also sped up how quickly homes are traded and how many days homes remain on the market.

Social Networking for Real Estate Agents: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube

The internet has changed everything in Real Estate…again. The future of internet is social networking and this change will have a profound affect on the real estate industry. Is there a real estate agent who still uses a large binder to market their properties? Of course not. Over the next few years, will there be a successful real estate agent who is not using Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to market their properties (and themselves)? No.

The real estate business is about relationships. Real estate agents obtain many new clients through referrals from their clients, friends and family. Social networking on the internet is the key to winning new clients for real estate agents.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube:
These are the four main sites for social networking. They are all FREE to use. They all also offer the possibility to pay to access more functions or increase your visibility on their sites. If you are a real estate agent, and you have not created your own site on these sites, you are behind the times. You might as well go get your binder…

These sites have even become more popular than personal or business websites. Companies are all beginning to direct customers to their Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube page even before they mention their own company page. Advertising now has tag lines that say “visit us at facebook/companyname”. Companies know that people are spending most of their “online time” on these four websites and if they want these customer’s “eyeballs” finding their company, they need to have an active presence on social networking websites. For example, the most inexpensive way for Chrysler to have customers find out about a new model is to have millions of people linked to their Facebook page. With one click, they can reach out to these millions of potential customers. Friends tell friends. The world is “linked in”. If you want to be a successful real estate agent, you need to be linked in too.

PropertySold.ca allows all our real estate agent listings to link their properties to all their social networking sites. A real estate listing on PropertySold.ca can automatically be linked to Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. The internet, search results, and social networking is all about linking. Each PropertySold.ca listing that is linked will exponentially increase the exposure of your properties for sale. PropertySold.ca has more than 2000 “followers” on Twitter. We are the most popular Canadian Real Estate Website on Twitter. Our Youtube real estate page has thousand of views.

We are “Linked In” and we can help you be “Linked In” too. See our Canadian Real Estate Listing Packages to see how to get started.

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