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20 May 2011

Real Estate Agents have a few different marketing alternatives when deciding on how to successfully market a home for sale. Typically these tools will be presented to a potential seller (new listing) at the listing presentation.

At a typically listing appointment, the Real Estate Agent will discuss their experience, compare recently sold properties to determine an asking price, and then they will tell (or negotiate) the real estate commission. Along with intangible qualities of experience, knowledge, and negotiating skills, there is the tangible requirement to market the property. The goal of marketing the property is to attract as many buyers as possible in order to obtain the highest selling price.

Even though only one buyer will eventually be purchasing the home, it’s very important to attract as many buyers as possible. Multiple buyers can create multiple bids. It is also human instinct to want what is in high demand. If a potential buyer sees that there is other interest in the property, they are more likely to put in a quick, quality offer (instead of just waiting and putting in a stink bid).

So the ultimate marketing goal of the Real Estate Agent is to create a demand for the property.

1) Placing the home on This is a no-brainer. is Canada’s most visited real estate listing website. Now that’s customers can also place their For Sale By Owner property on (through our partner brokerage).

2) Placing a Real Estate Lawn sign infront of the property. Lawn signs are ofter more important than seller’s think. Often times a buying who lives in the neighbourhood will purchase or tell a friend. Without a lawn sign, this potential buyer would not know the home was for sale.

3) Additional Real Estate Advertising is necessary in today’s real estate market. Even though many people go directly to, a significant amount of people only search on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. MLS listed properties DO NOT show up in these search results. This is way a listing is very important. makes sure your shows up at the top of search engines. Real estate agents and private sellers can both advertise homes for sale on

4) Open Houses – Despite that some real estate agents say “Open Houses” do not attract buyers, this simply is not the case. Some buyers are just in the “looking stage”. They do not engage a real estate agents or actively visit properties, but when their is an open house, they will visit. If your home is the one they want, they will take action and make it happen. Open houses can easily turn a looker into a buyer!

5) Feature sheet are another tool that Real Estate Agents use. These can help keep your property in the minds of all buyers. When a buyer visits 5 homes on a weekend, make sure your looks the best (in person and on paper).

So these are some of the most popular tools a real estate agent can use to sell your home. The more your agent markets your home, the more interested buyers will visit. Make sure that your agent is 5 out of 5 in their real estate marketing efforts.

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