Real Estate License Ontario: How to Become A Real Estate Agent (Sales Representative)

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13 Jan 2011

To become a Real Estate Agent in Ontario you must take courses and meet a few requirements.

The Ontario Real Estate Association offers the courses. According to their website you first have these qualifications:

1. You have to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent; OR

2. You must be at least 18 years of age, complete the OREA Real Estate College Admissions Test and attain a minimum mark of 50%.

If you have these 2 qualifications, you must complete 3 courses. They include:

1. Real Estate as a professional Career ($440)
2. Land, Structures, and Real Estate Trading ($470)
and either:
3A. The Real Estate Transaction (Residential) ($660)
3B. The Real Estate Transaction (Commercial) ($660)

Once you complete these courses, then you join a brokerage (fees vary) and register with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and pay your insurance and registration fees ($335 + $350).

Here are some tips to completing your real estate license fast:

1. If you are a reasonably intelligent person and are willing to study, you can pay for a course and then book the exam for a few weeks later. Orea usually suggests a length of time to complete the course (2 months), but if you can book the exam right away and study the material, then you can pass and move onto the next course asap.

2. If you passed the first two courses with no problem, then it might be wise to choose the 40 hour in-class option for “The Real Estate Transaction” instead of the 80 hour option. Again try to book the exam and courses as soon as you complete the second exam.

You should be able to start the courses and finish them all within 3 months.

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  • Freehold Townhouses

    To become a real-estate agent in Ontario, one must complete a three- to four-year educational and training program issued by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) and the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO).

    When you investigate How to Become a Real Estate Agent and Realtor in Ontario you should be clear about the work of a Real Estate Agent and Realtor in Ontario. A Real Estate Agent and Realtor in Ontario is many things, including a mediator between a buyer and a seller, a marketing specialist of listings and a negotiator. Many views How to Become a Real Estate Agent and Realtor in Ontario is as simple as one's work to bridge the gap between the buyer and seller.

  • Freehold Townhouses

    I forgot one thing that to know How to Become a Real Estate Agent and Realtor in Ontario one also has to do marketing to attract the clients, gathering all necessary documents, shops around for a home or suitable property that fits the clients needs and processes the required documents and submits all important materials to lawyers, mortgage companies and the real estate agent's office.


  • Leahv

    Hi.  I hope you can help me w/ a question I have.  On the OREA website, under the section called 'meet the requirements' (to become a professional real estate agent)… , one of the requirements on the list is “Have a good past record of financial responsibility & conduct.”  Now, I don't think this is regarding a criminal record, b/c that is another one of the list requirements, so I am wondering if this is a credit check or what, & if so, how bad & how recent, etc. do the past credit/financial problems have to be to ruin my plan to be an agent.  Who is it that is going to be judging my past record of financial responsibility; OREA, RECO, the potential agency/broker who would hopefully hire me, the potential clients?  Who, exactly, or who all, are the people who have the ability to disqualify me from being an agent based on my past financial responsibility?  I have taken a long time to decide what I want to do for a career (in the meantime, I raised my kids) b/c I wanted it to be something that is totally suited to my skills & personality & that I know will really love to do, but now I am scared that my hopes will be dashed b/c of this requirement.  I have a visa in good standing and I pay my rent on time, but I had a few department store credit cards that I got when I was very young (18) (I really shouldn't have done that but I'm 41 now) that I ended up abandoning payments on many years ago b/c I ran into hard times and illness.  I am healthy and determined now, and ready to start a wonderful, fulfilling career.  Thank you for any advice.  Leah


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