How To Get The Lowest Mortgage Rate In Canada

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19 Dec 2010 and our in house mortgage agent, Abraham Niyazi discuss “how to get the lowest mortgage rate in Canada”. Abraham talks about different strategies to save you money when you buy a home in Canada.

Buyers can choose to go to one bank and get a mortgage quote. This can involve a credit check done by the bank on the buyer(s). Once you receive a mortgage quote from one bank, you can then take that to other banks to see if they will offer a lower rate. These other banks will most likely also do a credit check on the buyers(s).

Instead of going from bank to bank yourself, you can hire a Mortgage Agent. A Mortgage Agent will do one credit check (so your score is not harmed from multiple checks). A Mortgage Agent is not paid directly by the buyer. A Mortgage Agent receives their compensation from the bank that gives the mortgage. A Mortgage Agent works with up to 25 different banks to find the best rate for their clients.

Abraham has been in the Mortgage business for 11 years. His contact information is:

Abraham Niyazi
1-866-728-3708 ex. 115
[email protected]
[email protected]
Centum One
Mortgage Lic#M08010640

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