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12 Nov 2010

Now that the MLS rules have changed and agents are “allowed” to do “mere postings” on mls, I think the question to raise is “What is For Sale By Owner?”.

Take a Seller who lists with an agent on MLS only as a “mere posting”. Are they a For Sale By Owner? To be on the MLS, you have to be listed with an agent. But with a “mere posting”, the seller takes over most of the duties of the sale.

It looks like the lines are being blurred. It used to be black and white:


Now things are slightly different. I think that it comes down to bottom line with most sellers. “How much money will I be left with at the end of the sale?” this is the main question. However, like everything, price should not always be the most important aspect. What about these questions:

“How fast do you want your home to sell?”
“How much time do you have to devote to your sale?”
“What are the success rates or For Sale By Owners, mere postings, and traditional MLS listings?”
“What are buyers comfortable with?”
“How many buyers are working directly with agents vs how many buyers go on themselves?”
“Will I sell my home on MLS if I do not offer a competitive commission to an agent?” is Canada’s premier online real estate marketing company. We are working hard to find answers to these questions and we are happy to discuss all the alternatives available to you when you sell your home.

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