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5 May 2009

ctv news

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One in four Canadians are now selling their homes privately and the trend is growing, according to a recent CTV consumer report, which featured as a leading FSBO website.

The CTV segment called Consumer Report followed homeowner Khalid Ahmed, who saved an estimated $10,000 using the PropertySold website to sell his home without the aid of a real estate agent.

“Khalid Ahmed said the process was easy – he sold his within two weeks to the first person who looked at it,” said CTV’s Pat Foran. “For a cost of $200 he saved $10,000.

“He saved a lot of money”. essentially allows homeowners to list and market their homes privately on an extensive database, providing with the marketing tools and advice they need to complete the transaction without having to pay out hefty commission fees to an agent.

Mr Foran and CTV’s Seamus O’Regan noted an increased reliance on the Internet to buy and sell goods plays a big role in driving the “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO phenomenon, just as the economic downturn has consumers looking to save money wherever they can.

“There’s no sales commission to pay, that’s the big motivator for people,” said Mr Foran. “You can save between $5,000 and $25,000, depending on the value of your home.”

“This is very popular,” he says. “It’s growing.”

PropertySold owner Boris Michailov agrees his site has seen a jump in traffic in recent months, receiving upward of 240,000 monthly unique visitors.

“Anybody can do it who’s got time and who’s willing to save some money,” says Mr Michailov.

He explains: “A real estate agent is not your legal representative – a lawyer is; so that’s the most important thing. And if you can market your property yourself and arrange the open houses, the showings, to the clients directly, then you save the money.”

PropertySold currently has more than 1600 property listings from across the country, including residential homes, rural land and commercial properties. In less than five years of operation, it has saved its homeowners nearly $18 million in agent fees and commissions.

By providing a detailed and searchable database of available properties, multi-media listings and specialized URLs, PropertySold gives maximum online exposure to listed homes and real estate. This combined with simple, professional offline marketing tools such as yard signs, bi-directional corner signs, real estate forms and contracts, printable feature sheets and unlimited customer support, ensures our homeowners make the most of their hard-earned equity.

Please click here to view the segment.

ctv news

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